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My mb can hold 16gb DDR 1333, I am currently using 2 slots 2x4gb 1333 there are two more slots. Do I fill them with the same?
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  1. Is it worth it will I get good speeds etc. Heard that there is a slow down when using all slots
  2. Unless you are doing a LOT of video editing and encoding, I would say that 8GB is enough. More than that would not provide a perceptible performance increase.
  3. In addition to 8 GB. being enough RAM for most folks, 16 GB. of RAM won't necessarily improve performance and more importantly adding RAM, even of the identical part number is not guaranteed to function properly - as many people have learned the hard way. If you decide to upgrade you should buy ONE matched, tested RAM Kit, not add another RAM kit or more of the same DIMMs.

    It is also true that most mobos default the RAM memory to the CPU's default RAM speed when all RAM slots are filled. There is little performance gain from OC'ing DDR3 RAM due to it's higher frequency and bandwidth over DDR2/DDR.
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