Toshiba s855-s5378 dual HD capability

Does the Toshiba s855-s5378 have the capability to hold a HD and an SSD????

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  1. See this:

    Do not post the same question twice -- once is enough. Thank you.
  2. Also,
    I don't think many, if any, 15.6" laptops have support for two drives. You may need a 17" for that (and that's not a guarantee either).

    I noticed that this model seemed a little expensive for its feature set, I believe the main cost is the CPU which is slightly better than most. However it simply has the Intel HD graphics in the CPU which is fine provided you have no gaming ambitions.

    You might be better off posting a request like "what laptops have these specs"
    - support two HDD or SSD's?
    - Screen size (i.e. 15.6" or 17")
    - Graphics?
    - RAM (4GB, 6GB, or 8GB)
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