Centurion 5 - 2.5" SSD?


I was wondering if it'd be possible to use a 2.5" SDD in my Coolermaster Centurion 5? This is NOT the Centurion 5 II, but the original. It only has 3.5" bays. My mobo has SATA III 6gb/s connections and I'd like to utilize them, but the problem is that any SATA III SSD I've seen is 2.5". I'm obviously not going to buy a new case to utilize this dormant technology on my motherboard, so are there any ideas?

A mounting bracket that is compatible with my case (perhaps unlikely given its locking mechanism on the 3.5" bays) would be ideal, but I'm open to any ideas.

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  1. I would think there would be a bracket that would allow you to go to 3.5". If not, there are some pretty good ones on newegg.
  2. Most of the SSD drives include a mounting bracket in the box. just look at the pics on newegg of the drive you are buying and in the accessories included you will most likely see a mounting bracket included.
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