Need help in choosing PSU and box for new build

Hey guys. I thought, maybe you could help me with this. I'm buying a new PC from a site, and on the site I can choose the parts I want. I basically know everything I need except for the box and PSU. I really don't know anything about those two. So if you could help me out, I'll post here what rig i'm getting. It's going to be mainly a gaming rig but im sort of on a budget.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 or Intel Core i5-2500 or Intel Core i5-2500K

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67-M or Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 768MB

RAM: 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CL9

HDD: 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 32MB Cache, SATA2

PSU: ???

Box/Case: ???

OS: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
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  1. Definitely get the 2500k as it will hold more value in the future. I would also get the ASUS P8P67 Pro over the P8P67-M.

    For a case, you could get the Antec 300 or the Cooler Master HAF 912, thos are both great cases for their prices.

    PSU, i would go with a 500-watt Corsair/Antec earthwatts/Seasonic... All of those are great PSU brands built on quality. Remember, the PSU is the most destructive component in your PC so don't flake on that one, get a good one.

    Any chance you would be willing to build your own?
  2. I looked it up on the site and they have all the recommendations you listed ;] What do you mean, jonpaul37, building your own? In the site, you can select every single part that you want, and then they put it together for you and you just go and pick it up. So basically I am building it, except I'm not putting and screwing it all together.
  3. I looked it up, and the PSU that is in my price range is this

    450W BeQuiet! System Power

    The only Antec they had was too expensive and 800W. Is the BeQuiet! good? Thats the technical info:

    * +3.3 V: 30A
    * +5 V: 30A
    * +3.3 V / +5 V max. combine power: 160W
    * +12 V1: 25A
    * +12 V2: 18A
    * +12 V max. combine power: 432W (max 36A @ 12V)
    *-12V: 0.5A
    * +5 VSB: 3A
    * Max combine total power: 450W
    * Connections: 1x 20/24pin, 1x 8-pin EPS12V 1 x 4-pin ATX12V, 1x PCIe 6/8-pin, 4x SATA, 4X IDE, 1x Floppy
    * 120mm fan
    * Active PFC
    * Average efficiency: 84%, 80plus

    Is that good enough for the rig I'm building?
  4. Never heard of the BeQuiet brand, sounds like a generic to me... It could have some nice specs for power output (which it really doesn't) but still be a crappy PSU. The corsair/Antec/Seasonic PSU's are made with quality components... With PSU's, you pay for what you get.

    What i mean is after you've picked out all the parts on that website, get the total price, ten, go to newegg, browse combo deals, etc with the same components and you will save... As for putting it together yourself, well, you'll put more consideration into it as opposed to some assembler who does it every day...
  5. Given the rest of your build, I'd recommend going with the slower CPU and getting a better power supply. The Core i5-2400 will still have more than enough horsepower for today's and tomorrow's games and is a good match to the GTX 460 video card.

    For the PSU, get something 500-600W with one +12v rail.

    For the case, get something that looks good to you and comes with at least three fans.

    If you can afford it, get 8GB of RAM. Your system will thank you.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, but the problem is, I live in Europe and the shipping from newegg will cost a lot, won't it?
  7. Know anything close to germany or luxembourg? ;D I currently live in luxembourg. ;] And maybe something with very low or no shipping price, if that even exists ;D
  8. 650W Corsair HX vs 750W Corsair TX

    I have these 2 corsairs on the website. The TX is 10 euros cheaper and I want to know if it won't make any difference if I choose the cheaper one. (but more wattage, although I know wattage isnt everything)
  9. Get the TX 750 if it is cheaper than the HX 650, the 650 HX is modular and that may be something that you want but in the end, the 750 TX will serve you better in the future for upgrades...
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