Is this psu enough?

this is my power supply: [...] titled.jpg
it's a 550 watt,i have this on my pc and it's a cheap one,not of any good brand...........
i want to buy an hd 5670 with this power supply,is it ok to handle that?
my system is :
intel c2duo e4500 2.2 ghz
2gb 667mhz kingston ram
intel dg33fb motherboard
1 samsung dvd rw
1 250gb seagate barracuda hdd
2 cheap case fans

also,i'm planning to overclock cpu to 2.6ghz,so processor will consume more power.......
so after all this,is it ok to be with my current psu?
if not,then please explain the problem in detail.....
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  1. I can't find anything on your link...

    Just list here it's specs...
    Amperage on each rails?

    Well, 550W PSU is more than enough to run your entire system, don't worry about OC, it can handle OC... :)
  2. agree, wa1. hd 5670 shouldn't be a problem with that 550w psu.
  3. sorry for's the image,you may need to zoom it by hovering mouse over it:
  4. Best answer
    18A on 12V rail, yes it more than enough to run the entire system with HD5670 inside it... :D
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