Power supply to weak?

first of all im not from UK so my english is not 100% correct ;)

anyway i bought new pc few weeks ago to be able to play some game normal without fps lags etc..
but nowadays im crashing constantly i asked the game company in support ticket what hell is going on after long discussion they blame it on my power supply, alright i didnt believe them ;) at the start cus its the only game thats crashing even tho its the only game i got on my pc which isnt as old as my grannie

but anyway as i said i didnt believe them so went to try out somestuff
took out my vidcard (thought it was vidcard problem) hd5870 and dumped a new hd5870 in still crashing so i was like maybe its ATI
so took out that vid card and dumped in a older vid card 8800gtx i believe still crashing so obviously its not the vid card..
so since i was low on my memory and i always wanted more i bought extra 4gb memory and took out the old memory and tested the new memory
still crashing so it wasnt the old memory and plugged everything back in sitting at 8gb still crashing ;)..

so not memory aswell then i started to realize maybe those guys where right about my powersupply
the thing is i never insta crash when i enter the game is more likely after x time played and all of sudden u have to load alot of things it will crash to my desktop

i have got
i7 860 cpu
vid card hd5870
memory 8gb
mobo ga p55a ud3
and 2 hdd 250 gb and 640gb

with power supply from osz technology

believe its that 1
now im just wondering does my PC really need more then 600w? thought this power supply was pretty solid and would pull it off easily
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  1. That psu should run that setup unless it is faulty.

    Any way you can try the psu on another machine?
  2. Since you have already done too much circus, might as well try with a different PSU.. Your system btw will do fine with a good 500+ watt PSU..
  3. sorry if I missed it in the original post, but what game is crashing? Also what OS do you have?
  4. Some games such as fallout 3/ New Vegas seem to have trouble handling quad core cpu's I had this problem myself. There is a way (at least in fallout) to run the game using 2 cores but It would depend on the game you are playing.

    You may try to get the latest patches if you have not done so already.
  5. the game is aion, yes i know alot of people often crash in this game but amount of times i crash is pathetic..

    i run windows vista 32bit.. i should update to win7 64bits, i got it layin around here but for some reason i dont really feel like doing it :P
    tried to reinstal game tons of times because my old pc which was below aion requirements ran the game "fine" (huge fps lag but thats ok) it never crashed, so at first i thought it just installed a corrupt file or something..

    the reason ncsoft support (game company) said it was my PSU was cus i had speedfan installed and they wanted to know how hot my cpu temp was, so i made screenshot and they saw my voltage was super low..
    but speedfan is bugged i downloaded everest soon as they said its ur psu to see what everest said everest was showing correct numbers (cant remember them but it looked fine)

    so i told them everest says my psu is fine then they kind of took it to next lvl and said something like,
    your vidcard (ati hd5870) is known for taking up alot of power all of sudden for short amount of time which is what ur PSU cant "deliver" (not sure what word to use here :P) to ur vid card so it crashes the game

    this above i dunno how to figure out if my vid card does indeed wants a lot of power all of sudden for short amount of time, which is prolly when i port around in the game and all of sudden have to load alot of textures + players runnin around..
  6. Should you change Vista 32bit for Windows 7 64bit? mmmmmmmmm let me think. :heink: YES!
  7. haha ye i know my pc should run on 64mbit will install win7 64 today
  8. A 5870 will pull about 12 amps, peaking at 15 amps from the PSU. If by "crashing" you mean a reset/reboot cycle, yes, the PSU could be at fault.

    A good 600 watt PSU will power your system. I have mixed thoughts about how "good" OCX PSU's are. Last I heard, OCX marketed 4 PSU lines. two were subpar, one was OK, and one was pretty good.

    THat's why I stick to certain Corsair and Antec models.
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