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So I have a relatively simple question that I've had a hard time finding comparable benchmarks to figure out. What modern AMD CPUs will give equal or superior performance compared to the old LGA 775 Core 2 E8400, particularly in gaming and especially in Starcraft II?

Here's some background to my question: About 2.5 years ago I built a upper-middle range gaming PC for my little brother, which I have used intermittently. It's come time for me to make one for myself and I'm looking for something with equal or better performance, particularly in Starcraft II (but other games also). Unfortunately my budget is pretty low and I would like to do this either as cheaply as possible or with a healthy price to performance ratio in mind.

Here's the overall build that I want to equal:

Core 2 E8400 3.0ghz
MSI Radeon 4850 512mb
4 gb DDR2
MSI Motherboard
1440 x 900 19" LC Monitor
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    Only benchmark I can find for starcraft 2 with an E8400 in it.,705392/Starcraft-2-Beta-CPU-benchmarks-x-Core-i5/i7-leading/Practice/

    Phenom II is roughly AMD's equivalent to Core2, you won't see much of a boost unless it's a game that can utilize 4 cores, than a Phenom II X4 is better than a Core2Duo. A Phenom II X2 would be roughly equal to the E8400 in gaming.

    Starcraft 2 only utilizes 2 threads by the way, extra cores won't help unless you've got other programs running in the background.
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