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which one is best ATI supported game?
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  1. It is going to be user defined! Not all ATI cards are created equal! All PC games are supported the limitation is going to be the generation of cards.
  2. Alien vs predator 2010 has alot of ati eye candy to it?
  3. Dirt 2 was supposedly a 'heavy' joint venture with ATI,.
    It just turned out to favor Nvidia DX11 cards because of their increased ability for tessellation performance.
    Its used for the water effects. The waving flags.
  4. I think he means which games run better on ati?
    I'm not really sure, most of the ati ads just featured DX11 and now nvidia has that also
  5. Crysis tends to run a bit better on AMD cards then Nvidia. First game I can think of.
  6. Anno 1404 - Dawn of Discovery runs better with ati cards.
  7. ...and yes, supreme commando 1 & 2 way much more better with ati cards. i mean, seriously!
  8. This is totally subjective, some games do run better on one vs the other but how much better do they really run, you can't really compare the ATI and NVidia as their cards arn't equal.
  9. I disagree. Comparable cards are the 5830 and the GTX460. If you look at the crysis reviews, the 5830 is always (?) on top. Other games show the GTX460 winning many of them, but crysis remains as one of those "runs better on AMD hardware" titles. I have no idea why the OP is asking for a list of them, but the games do exist.
  10. +1 4745454b
  11. Quote:
    which one is best ATI supported game?

    As I read the question OP is asking for a game not games!
  12. Hey, don' t bother me with the facts!

    Judging from the OPs name I'm guessing its a translation issue. I still have no idea why he wants to know the game/games. I play games I like playing, not which ones "run best".
  13. That is why it is user (player) defined. Not everybody likes the same games.
  14. We're gonna need to know your card to suggest any games. Maybe his hardware isn't all that hot, which is why he's asking?
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