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Okay I'm getting 8GB or Corsair Vengeance memory with he fancy heat spreader stuff only because its cheeper then RAM without the heat spreaders anyway. Can anyone tell me if the RAM will interfere with my CPU cooler Cool master TX3. My motherboard is a Biostar H61MH. Also my motherboard only supports 1333Mhz RAM and the corsair RAM is 1600Mhz will the RAM just down clock to match the 1333 speed?
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    I can't say for 100% sure, but my TX3 does not interfere with the Corsair Vengeance set I have. Your MB might be laid out slightly different.

    Yes, your MB will just downclock the speed to 1333MHz, although if you can get a 1333MHz set for cheaper, because you won't see any difference between the speeds, but if your MB downclocks the RAM, it will change the timings to a looser setting, and that could be noticible.
  2. Yeah my motherboard has the RAM slots above the CPU socket lol but i measured it and it looks to be fine, i just looked and found another deal with 1333 RAM that has heat spreaders but they are not much taller then the RAM itself going with them, and what you said makes sense Thanks!
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  4. You're welcome, good luck!
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