Should i rely on my ssd?

I just finished my build, but Im really skeptic about using an ssd i bought which is a 60GB OCZ agility 3 just for os. I don't want it to fail and lose all my data should i stick with a wd cavier black 1TB as my main drive?
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  1. It's supposed to be ok, why do you hesitate, i personnaly almost throw my HDD out the window but then i remember that i need some hard disk space ^^

    You should do it, it's faster (and a lot !!) windows will boot in 10-15 sec max...

    Make sure to update your SSD firmware before installing your OS on it, that will ensure max performance and reliability over old non-updated drives

    If you have a Z68 or Z77 mobo, i suggest you that you start using Smart response with your 60gb SSD, it's the ideal size and work perfectly on my HTPC with a 64GB Crucial M4 + a Caviar Green 1TB (SSD like performance, no need to reformat my HDD and boot as fast as my gaming rig on a 128gb Crucial M4 and a 180gb Intel 330 + 2X1TB caviar blue in raid 0)

    Anyway, i always had my Windows partition separate from my Data so i don't lost data when i reinstall windows or repair it... With 2 drive like that: Windows only on the SSD and Programs, Games, photo, music,etc. on your HDD
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