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Dell 8300 system board 0M2035 / CPU Upgrade Options ?

My PC shipped with the 2.60mhz Pentium 4 CPU. Is there a hyper-threading CPU compatible with this board? // tag on motherboard itself is: AA C25595-606 , which corresponds to dell 0m2035 ...
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    yeah there is an upgrade version for your computer but you need to know the socket type before seeing you can upgrade your computer cpu or is it worth to upgrade
  2. This unit will serve, as is, a couple more years. Then it will become a 2nd, spare machine. At that time, XP will have zero support, and Windows 8 will probably be on the shelves. The top tech of today will be more than half the price it is now...

    This PC has served me really well. Invested almost nothing into it, is still running real fine - almost 8 years later & doing streaming video, playing DVD's, etc...
    May the next machine do as well...

    - Mark
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  4. That board should handle a:

    P4 socket 478
    3.4ghz 1mb

    Intel part# RK80546PG0961M
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