Craiglist listing - 400GB HD and/or 64GB SSD

I'm looking through my city's local craigslist and found 2 listings that have caught my eye. First the hard drive, it's 400GB Hitachi 14R9337 for $25. I'm not good with storage specs, so I can't tell from the page I linked if it's too outdated, and is it a good-okay buy for $25?

I don't NEED the extra space (Have 320GB on this desktop; 100GB free), but it'd be nice not to worry about space. I have about 6? games on this computer, the only way I'd fill up the 100GB is with movies and more games..

The other item I'm interested in is a C300 64GB SSD for $50, I can use the extra speed.. Again, is it a good buy for $50?

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  1. I would never buy a second-hand HDD or SSD - price too good to be true? It is.
  2. Absolutely not. You can get a new seagate barracuda 1tb for $50 and an new ssd somewhere with the same price
  3. Hmhmm.. Alright, thanks phil and Leo :) I'm just trying to get a steal for items I can use. :p
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