Just finished my build with a ATI 5850 graphics card. When plugged into my samsu

in my case the screen is BenQ 2200HD connected via HDMI, problem is if the driver came with the GPU is used, its fill the screen and everything nice but when using latest ATI drivers/CCC bundle (directly from ATI or from card XFX) the screen shrink to 1/2 inch from all the sides.

i tried to find the option of "digital panel" to set to 0 but i have failed to find the option. there is no such option anywhere in CCC (latest and in old). I have Basic and HDTv options where display res can be selected.

can anyone help me

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  1. Have you tried one version back (10.7) after carefully uninstalling 10.8?
  2. Like EXT64 say uninstall all ATI crap with driver sweeper in safe mode and install 10.7
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