Advice on first build i7 930 under $1000

so far i have bought (but can take back if needed :sol: )

coolmaster haf 932 blue $119
intel i7 930 2.8ghz $288
gigabyte x58 ud3r motherboard
and ocz gold edition 1600 low voltage ram 6gb (3 x 2GB) $298.99
RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-730SS 730W ATX12V V2.2 $59.99
coolmaster hyper 212 plus $29.99

thats what i bought. i have a samsung writemaster drive at home and i
have plenty of storage space so no need for a harddrive.

i have 2 BFG GTS 250 1GB video cards to sli together. i want to get the 6850 but i dont know if its worth it. 1 card versus my 2 slied together, any thoughts??

what do u think and what should i change and y? thanks in advance
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  1. 6850 = gtx 460 = GTX 280 = dual 9800GTX = dual GTS 250

    So a radeon 6850 would roughly equal two GTS 250's and wouldn't be worth upgrading to, unless you were to buy two of them for crossfire.

    Don't get that PSU, it's crap. Try a Corsair 750 watt. Cheap power supplies can fry your components.

    What are you planning on using this system for? If it's primarily gaming, I would just get a core i3/i5, sell the GTS 250's and put that money with what you save from the CPU into dual GTX 470/6870's.
  2. Your 2x 250's will perform similar if not faster than one 6850. The 68xx is actually the successor to the 57xx line. The 69xx will be the mid and top line when thet come out.

    Where did you buy your parts? 300.00 is a lot for 6gb of ram. On you can pick a good quality set of tri Chanel for around 150.00

    Also I might go with one of these brand name psu's -------> Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, Antec, and Enermax are some of the one's I like.
  3. the price next to the ram is for the ram and the motherboard it was a combo deal.

    ill be using it for games, watching alot of movies, random multitasking and basic everyday stuff.

    i want something that is futurish proof so thats why i want the i7 and the gigabyte board.

    video card wise i think ill stay with the 250's for now. maybe do dual 6850's when i get the money.

    the only thing that concerns me is the power supply i really wouldnt like smoking parts lol.
  4. Yeah don't skimp on the psu, it's the most important part of the build.
  5. Hi hartastic, OCZ Golds have been having a lot of problems of late. If they're working already, good for you. Else if you haven't opened the packaging, get 'em replaced with Kingston HyperX, Corsair XMS3 or G.Skill Ripjaws.

    Also as far as the PSU is concerned, I'll prolly go with a Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, XFX, OCZ, CoolerMaster ahead of a Raidmax on any given day. Get a non-mod one if you wanna save some money.

    If you do decide to go with a single 6xxx series card, get a sub 650 Watt PSU. 750 will be way overkill.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but if you're using older HDD/ODD make sure they're SATA, or you'll need to buy IDE cables separately. (1 will prolly come with your mobo. You'll have to buy the 2nd one if both your older drives are IDE).
  7. i was going to get the PNY XLR8 6GB (3 x 2GB) but the combo deal saves me 96 dollars total. so kinda nice
  8. If you are planning on upgrading your videocards later you should get a psu thats overkill for what you have now. I had an Antec 500w but when I wanted to buy two GTX 470's I had to buy a new psu and replace all the wiring in my system making it a huge hassle to upgrade.
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