In need of Dell specialist for info please.

Greetings from the ATL.
First time posting...
I have been driving by for years now.

I just acquired 12 Dell Optiplex units in bulk from a close-out sale.
It's the same place that customized built my Dell, they are recertified and/or refurbished.
All barebone units with power supply and motherboards including a few accessories.
I'm setting up a small office / local business and I need to get these units configured.
I need to know what RAM, processors and other hardware (gpu's) for each unit.
Also some are AMD and others Intel.
I do not need all 12 running currently just like four or five to get started.
I have an idea that the couple quad cores will be used for heavier task or even a server
but the others are going to be dual cores for ofiice work and video.
Someone who knows about these Dells in particular please tell me which ones are better for what tasks and,
the hardware to fill them with.

4 - Dell Optiplex 760 Mini-Tower
2 - Dell Optiplex 780 Mini-Tower
2 - Dell Optiplex 755 Mini-Tower
(what's the difference)
4 - Dell Optiplex 740 "Enhanced" Mini-Tower (AMD)

All have a standard Dell 305-watt power supply it seems.
I have some computer knowledge but just enough to get into trouble.
Please be gentle.

Trying to start a local auto shop and parts store for Honda's.
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More about dell specialist info please
  1. The 755,760, and 780 series optiplex systems Socket 775. Those systems cover a WIDE range of possible configurations. The 740 is an AMD based system (AM2).

    The 780's will support anything from a E5300 to E8600 for the dual core, and Q8300 to Q9650 for a quad core, and any Celeron from a 430 to a Celeron D 3300.

    The 760's Will support anything from a Pentium E2200 to a Core 2 Duo E8600, and any quad from a Q8200 to a Q9650.

    The 755's are basically the same as a 760.

    The 740's will support anything from an Athlon 1640B, any dual core Athlon from 4400+ to 5600+, and AMD Phenom X4 9600B or 9550, or AMD Phenom X3 8750 & 8600B.

    The only deviation is the "ultra small form factor" models of these machines do NOT support quad core CPU's due to thermal limitations.

    All of the machines, if they're the tower form factor, support a PCI-e x16 video card. The desktops support a low profile PCI-e x16 video card. The USFF's don't have a video card slot.

    RAM would be DDR2-800 for all the machines listed. Some later model 780's now use DDR3 though, so you would need to check your system to see if it's a DDR2 or a DDR3 revision.

    Where I work, we use HUNDREDS of these machines (except the 740, we use 745's). Generally we configure the 745 and 750's with E6500's and E6550's, and the 760's and 780's are configured with E8400 to E8600's. For heavier work you could put quad core's in 780's and leave the lower end machines with dual cores depending on what they'll be doing. Load them up with 4gb RAM at least (since it's cheap) and maybe more depending on what your "heavy use" machines will be doing. All the machines you mention have 4 memory slots, and use DDR2 for the most part.

    I hope this casts a little bit of insight.
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    good start, I'll add more later..

  3. If the machines have the Dell Tags (on a sticker on the box or in BIOS), can't you go to Dell Support website and look up the ordered configuration? At least you can download the manuals.
  4. The dell service tag is on the machine itself. On those models it's on the top-front side of the machine (near the "Optiplex 7xx" badge). That will tell you how they came from the factory, but not what cpu's they compatible with.
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  6. Best answer was "woah, dude, honda!" ?
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    I think he selected that one because of the private message I sent.
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    Are you getting job offers on Toms? LOL :)
    Maybe I will post services description and my company website on here........
  8. I am just joking to make that perfectly clear
  9. BTW Mal
    I had an 1997 Integra with B18B (?) that I had alot of fun with.
    It wasn't Vtec :(
    But with AEM intake,HyperTech chip and Borla exhaust plus some other mods
    she was a lot of fun :)
    4 cylinder that could smoke the front tires and get me way over 20 mpg
    Now I drive a station wagon.
    I wonder if they make a turbo for a Ford Escort.......
  10. The Integras were nice.
    I had a LS version.
    I think they had a GSR version with the Vtec and better suspension etc.
    Hard to find i believe.
    My buddy picked up a Del Sol with a JDM motor that is running high 13s in the 1/4
    Funny I had a SVT Cobra Stang 97 that ran high 13s and so it is hard to believe that a naturally aspirated 4 banger matches (and gets twice the gas mileage) that but I saw the track slip.
    Once the my lovely brat finishes school I would love to find an old Prelude 2.0 vtec though by then they will be collectors items LOL
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    my accord has 341-hp at the wheels now..

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