Which gpu would be best for me?

hello all

im going to be building a new gaming rig this week and im not sure which way to go as far as my gpu is concerned. i want to make sure i have a good upgrade path for bf3 and red orchestra 2 when they come out in the next 18 months or so.

the build is going to be either a i5-760 or amd 965 build with 4gb of ram. the 2 games i foresee playing the most will be call of duty - black ops and also doing some iracing (direct x 9.0) also...iracing is great with eyefinity. i want to be able to play call of duty black ops upon release (nov 9th), so waiting for the 69xx to come out to is kind of a no go for me. i will want to play bf3 and red orchestra 2 when they come out down the road.

im just not sure which way to go for gpu. here are the options im thinkin of doing...

1. 6850 crossfire - negative is no upgrade path unless i just sold the 6850's when the time comes to upgrade and get two new gpu's. will my cpu be a severe bottleneck with 2 new gpu's in 1.5 to 2 years?
2. purchase a 6870 from newegg and then just return it towards a new 69xx when they come out in a few weeks (this way, with a single 69xx, my upgrade path is there for down the road).
3. 5970?
4. nvidia?

...just not sure where to go with gpu in my situation. anyone have some good advice?
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  1. What resolution are you going to be playing at? Your in a bit of a tricky situation with the new cards and still a couple coming out.

    This might sounds weird but I would do is,buy a single 5850(it s a little faster than the 6870), then when the 59xx series comes out, sell the 5850 on eBay and buy 2 6950's or a single 6970.
  2. im purchasing the asus 120hz monitor...1920x1080.

    wouldnt my idea of purchasing 6870 from newegg and then return it within the 30 days be better? then i would get purchase price of 6870 as a credit towards 6950 when they come out.
  3. Yeah if you can return it sure.
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