Compatiablity Help will my components work together?

hey below is my setup so far have read motherboard info etc and researched as much as i can in my mind it should all be fine would just like another opnion before splashing out will my components all work together =]

1 x ASUS P7H55-M H55 Socket 1156 VGA HDMI Out 8 Channel Audio MATX Motherboard

1 x Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black

1 x Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 Socket 775, 1156, 1366, AM2, AM3 Heatpipe CPU Cooler

1 x Intel Core i3 530 2.93GHz Socket 1156 4MB L3 Retail Box Processor

1 x Casecom 6788 Black Mid Tower Case with Full Black Interior/Exterior 120mm Blue LED Front Fan - No PSU

1 x 120mm Blue LED Fan - 4pin Molex Connection

1 x Sapphire HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 HDMI DVI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card

1 x Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit Unbuffered CL9

1 x Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache

1 x Corsair 650W TX Series PSU - 120mm Fan, 80+% Efficiency, Single +12V Rail

Thanks =]
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  1. Everything looks fine and should be compatible, but at that price range, you will get a better deal for your money with an AMD based system. You get more (real) cores for the price.

    Here's a true quad core AMD that's rated at the same speed as the i3 you listed and a motherboard for it:

    Athlon II x4 635

    Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3

    Everything else you listed will be compatible with these.

    I would also recommend going with the HD 5770 at the minimum for not so much more. You won't regret it.
  2. ok cheers i will look into the amd thanks =]
  3. hey would this bundle processor and mobo be better or the same saves me a £10 hehe
  4. I saw that too when I was looking it up but opted to not suggest it. It's really up to you. You get a slightly higher clocked CPU but the mobo has a nearly obsolete chipset and there is no room for upgradability. If you're fine with your build and think you would get a new PC rather than upgrade, then it should be fine. But if you plan on upgrading it later on, then it would be a bad choice.
  5. hehe since youve reccomended AMD to me been doing lots of research yea i noticed the processor was slighlty better but the motherbaord was bit of a downgrade ive decided to keep the processor you reccomended and proberly the Mobo aswell just doing a bit of research on that see if theres any others out there i decided again to take your advice on the GPU aswell. thanks

    just the Mobo to sort out hehe what do you think of this one comparable to the one you suggested?

    Cheers again
  6. That board you posted is also a good pick. The 870 chipset is just an update of the 785g anyways. Either is fine, I'd probably go with the 785g and save some money.

    I found the Athlon II x4 640 for not even £2 more.
  7. ah ok always had intel so was a bit wary about amd but u seem to have swayed me hehe thanks for your help =]
  8. one more quick question was about to go with the 5770 as your reccomendation but noticed today the price went up by £10 on the XXX edition have found the standard one for £95 would you say it would be worth buying the XXX edition?

    XXX edition

    Standard edition
  9. Things like these happen all the time. Prices are always changing. The two you listed are not the same. Same brand, but not same type. One is an HD 5770 and another is an HD5750 which is a bit weaker than the former. I looked through the site and that is the cheapest 5770 with 1gb memory. Are there any other sites you can buy from? If not, I'd say just go with it.
  10. yea il go with any site if its cheaper hehe oh ok i see the diference now is that the best graphics card u reccomend
  11. My recommendations are based on budget. So this card is the best one for your budget and fits nicely with your system.
  12. ok well ive read reviews on it and am happy with it just finding the right price now xD
  13. ok will look at those
  14. You might consider the new 6850, as should be about the same price as mid-high-end 5770s, and it's more powerful.
  15. hmmm there about £50 more expensive bit out of my price range atm =[
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