Is Intel Sandy Bridge better value than Phenomx4-x6!?

I have done a little research lately, and to my surprise, it seems that Intel has AMD beat on all fronts.

The price to performance ratio king, AMD, is now dethroned. It looks like building an i5 2500k rig (SandyBridge) is about the same price as building a high end Phenom 1090t rig. Not to mention, the performance will be much better with the i5 2500k.

I have a one year old Phenom 965 @4ghz and apparently the new i5 2500K processor beats the heck out of it and it only costs sub-200.

So, does the lively-hood of AMD depend entirely on the new bulldozer CPUs? Am I missing something?

All opinions are welcome. Thanks
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  1. A 965 (955 cheaper still) is alot cheaper than a 2500K and the motherboards are also half the price but the 1090t is a very hard sell.
  2. i can't recommend a hex core till i see more things use them.
    the sandy bridge is a damn good cpu though but a 965 build will be afair bit cheaper than a sandy bridge build. intel are getting better on price points though.
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