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I just bought a Corsair AX750 (750 watt) Modular PSU when I went to plug the 8 pin 12v cable into the computer I noticed I had two of them one has 8 pins on both sides and one had 8 pins on one side and 10 pins on the other. My question is does it matter when one I use?
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    Corsair AX750 Connectors Included

    1x ATX 24 pin & 20 pin compatible
    2x EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin
    4x PCI-E 6+2 pin
    12x SATA
    8x 4 pin Peripheral
    2x Floppy

    Not sure what cable you are talking about can you post a pic?
  2. You might have a defect psu. I would take it back and ask the guy at the computer store for a replacement
  3. yeah the 10pin side goes to the psu and the 8pin end goes to the motherboard. if youre still not quite sure, a picture would be very helpful.
  4. forgot that the connectors are seperated from psu. You plug in the 10 pin to the psu and the 8 pin to the motherboard. Its good for cable management system
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