E6700 Pentium Dual Core or E6700 Core 2 Duo?

Searching around I couldn't quite come up with an answer.

I'm building a new system and I ran into this problem and I can't quite figure it out. How do they perform? Is the price difference worth the performance difference? Are they even compatible? Why are they named the same?,42809

I was going to go with the Pentium Dual Core for now to keep costs lower and upgrade it in a couple years with something else. But should I go with the C2D instead? The price difference is huge.

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  1. I'd say if it costs more than 30 dollars different, then stay with the Core2Duo.
  2. The Pentium Dual Core is less than $90. The C2D is like multiple 100's of $.
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    The Core 2 Duo E6700 is an old CPU. That was the high-end mainstream CPU in 2006. It's got a lower clock speed, lower bus speed, and overall is just slower.
    The Pentium Dual-Core E6700 is a newer CPU, it was released last year (2010). Higher clock speed and FSB. The Core 2 Duo is only more expensive because it's hard to find, and it's an in-place upgrade for people with 2006 computers who don't want to change out motherboards.
    For a new build, get the Pentium Dual-Core.
  4. C2D E6700 will outrun the PD E6700 hands down. And the price difference isn't much at all. You can get a C2D E7400 for like almost $30 more, and it's a MUCH faster chip than a PD E6700
  5. the core 2 duo has more L2 cache and is faster per clock.
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