NAS Set Up possible without ethernet connection?

Hello all, hope you can help.

I bought recently a NAS System Home Network Hard Drive (hope that's the correct translation) from Medion (P89636 or MD 86805).

To set up the Hard Drive, I must connect it to my router via Ethernet cable but I only have a WLan internet connection via a WLan Router that plugs into a power socket, it has no Ethernet connection.

Can I set it up over a WLan connection, or could I take it to someone with a Lan connection and set it up using their Ethernet connection and my Laptop, then bring it home and use over my WLan connection?

Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just to say it's not possible! Thanks
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  1. But your laptop surely has an ethernet port. Just plug it in there for setup. To avoid any ip-address conflicts, you should switch of the wlan while the nas is plugged in. BUT: how do you want to use it, if configured? The only way to connect it to your network is the ethernet port.
  2. I'm following the instructions that came with it. It says that I need to connect it to my router via an ethernet cable/connection. Once it is installed, I should be able to use it via a WLan connection, and I should be able to access it, even when the computer is not turned on. Sorry, you probably think I'm a complete idiot but I hate computers, always think I'm going to mess them up!
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