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i recently got updates from intel, installed them and restarted. now the computer starts with no visual ouput at all, iv tried dif monitors, even installed the drive into a dif laptop. i password protected the HDD and what i think is the password is not being excepted. i dont understand how because i rember being restricted to 7 letters to make the password . any way last night i changed the hdd in my normal :bounce: laptop and inserted the hard drive thatsi havent been able to access, and it immediately asked for the password which no matter what i couldnt guess, so i booted to heirons boot cd thinking i could use one of the programs but to no avail. theres some important info on that drive i need i, removed the cmos i changed the boot, i even swapped out an external hdd and put mine in no avail. is there anyone who could offer help on how to retrieve the contents :pt1cable:
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  1. Most people should NOT use HDD passwords, and if they do they should understand that losing that password may end forcing them to buy a new drive. Only where security is important enough that you are willing to toss that drive are passwords a good idea.

    HDD passwords are not usually bypassed and usually cannot just be reformatted as they are in the HDD firmware to prevent laptop theft (if it was easy to bypass it would serve no purpose) and above all to prevent data access.

    Recovery software will not work on such a locked drive, a very expensive recovery company might, but forget about the free stuff like Recuva.

    Your only real hope is to try all the possible passwords that you may have used.
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