Will 9800GT Good for DX10 Gaming

I have Core2Quad Q8200 4GB DDR-2 800MHz and MSI 9800GT-OC. Installed window7. Can this configuration enough for DX10 Gaming on 19" LCD. PLz Show your comments.
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  1. That card will still max out nearly every game with good frame rates, at 19inch resolutions (1366x768). Anti Aliasing might knock it down from time to time but not much.

    Not until you step over 1680x1050 do you really start needing highend cards.
  2. nearly every game means... no crysis, no gta4, etc...

    good frame rates... 30-40FPS avg

    max out ... no eyecandy
  3. Thanks for reply,

    I want Best Graphic Card for play Crysis Warheads at High setting.. So suggestion me a card appropriate with Q8200
  4. budget?
  5. as so many.... Bottelneked with Q8200 (not overclocked).
  6. 4890 will be fine, but thats overkill for 19 inch, go with a 4870
  7. thanks!
  8. About 9800GT SLI Mode
  9. 9800GT SLI will be better without spending too much.
    Make sure your mobo supports that.

    I have a single 9800GT and I play crysis at 1152X864 resolution at 4XAA and all settings to "GAMER".

    Frame rates are always close to 35.
    measured by FRAPS.
  10. The Palit 9800gt 1gb is a great card, it runs games like assasins creed on max settings at great frames, but like everyone says, no crysis.
    mostly a good card.
  11. i picked up a bfg 9800gt oc 1gig not 512 as most show and it works and ill say this i havent seen any videocard ati i dont remeber which raedion the 2 were but the geforce was a 8800gts and the other was the 9800 oc and they dont or wont run gta at full settings i can go upto 1650x1200 i belive but most cames wont do that on these cards not to mention u need a good psu for the 9800 or u might burn up ur mobo or psu and cause a fire most stock psu arent enough trust me u will ruin your card trying to play gta even on 640x480 anyone tell me if your gonna get a good frame rate i also had a geforce 7300 gs and got pretty much the same results on very low. i dont even belive with qauds that game would max out ever with a 9800. i mean whats the point of making a game no one can play. Thats almost 75% of the world. i would like to here of a sucess story with gta someone who actually got all the i candy everything smooth no chopping let us know what hadware u had id say the only game i know of this card wont play is gta5. im able to play everything do bluray with just a single core. We'll have to see how long that lasts. I tryed world tour guitar hero last month and that was a mess on a single core.
  12. i have a Q8200, 4 gb DDR2, 500 gb, 9800GT 1gb, an it plays everything i want it to, but not at high settings. I'm using a 21'' Sony Trinitron at 1280x960, and everything is flawless!! smooth playback of games, and i mean all games! I play Mass Effect 2 (completed, startd DLC), Just Cause 2, GRID, Ghostbusters*, Shift, Bad Company 2*, Dirt 2, CODMW2*, Prison Break, Bioshock 2, all at 1280x960 an smooth as hell. The only game that slowed my FPS was Just Cause 2 but if youve played that game its DX10 only an its like GTA but on an island thats like 5xs the size of that whole map an it has all the great weather effects an people around, and destructable *** an it doesnt stop to load any of it, you just go thru seamless from place to place. I have to say the only thing i want to do is get another hard drive to play games off of, cause i think mines a little cluttered an rather have a dedicated drive, but i do put the whole game on the hard drive an never use the disks, and i have to say they give an take from each other pretty nicely. Q8200 is the slowest of the Qs but we can get up to a 2.83 Q on that same hard drive so when the price drops ill put a bigger one in but the Q8200 doesnt bottleneck ***. I think there pretty flawless. Like i was saying with all those games listed i had no problems playing them, id say the ghostbusters game played great an its code is pretty hefty an clunky and it got taken to the cleaners but everything else plays smooth, an also Just Cause runs great but when you steal a plane an take to the sky an your flying thru clouds itll slow fps, an also when mad peeople are shooting you at once an your causeing chaos itll slow but the xbox does too. So in final, i describe my cpu to everyone that its xbox 360, its so good. Q8200 an 9800GT 1gb, are perfect in marriage. Also Intel likes nVidia, not to mention i got a *** evga 9800 gt, with a huge fan on it, no casing like some just board with a ice looking cooler an jumbo fan, that never heats or is loud, by far the perfect rig. My cpu setup is a stock Dell 530 Q8200 4 DDR2 500WDAAKS ECS 9800GT 1GB 21" CRT Trinitron 1280x960

    * means competed game.
  13. xc0mmiex said:
    nearly every game means... no crysis, no gta4, etc...

    good frame rates... 30-40FPS avg

    max out ... no eyecandy

    hey, for crysis it's true but 9800gt can easily max out gta 4 with more than 30fps. And in big monitor also it rocks.
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  15. Crysis is a hard game to max out, my c2quad and gtx460 can run everything on gamer with 4x AA at 1920x1080. It's just sloppy programing and crytek has admitted that, crysis 2 will have LOWER system requirements than the original.
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