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I am trying to install call of duty 2 but constantly get the error "Library not registered". When i click OK, it tells me Call of Duty (R)2 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working".
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  1. Try this,

    I had this problem for bloody weeks.
    The answer might be to re-install under admin rights...
    It might be lots of things.
    But befor you test all theese options i would highley reccomand plugging in your mic... Easyest fix...
    I had this problem for so long.. I just plugged in my mic and it bloody worked.
    I have no idea why this works.. But it does.
    It took me like 2 weeks to find the solution, it was one guy just saying plug in your mic.
    Three words to a 2 week problem.
  2. I will most certainly try, thank you nikorr.
  3. Good luck :)
  4. Hi, tried it with the mic plugged in. not working. How do i re install under admin rights please?
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