Stuck in endless reboot cycle

Howdy you all, I really hope you can help me with this issue that I'm having with my desktop. I recently finished moving my hardware from one computer tower to another when I went to boot it up and encountered a problem. The computer will start up normally, but then after the BIOS screen it will go to the screen asking if you want to start windows normally, in safe mode, and ect because windows has detected new hardware. However, all the keyboards and mice I have tried will not work at this screen so I end up getting stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I know it is not the peripherals because they all work just fine on other computers and in the BIOS menu. I did not change any of my hardware components except for a couple fans so I'm confused as to why it is even sending me to this screen in the first place. The only thing I can think of is my three hard drives not being plugged in to the same SATA ports as I had before, for I forgot to pay attention to that when moving my components.

If you need any more information I'll gladly do what I can. Thanks for reading!
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    If its trying to boot from a different harddrive go into the bios and change it back.
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