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hey guys, got a xfx 5970 black, did not update bois yet, overclk to 800 gpu & 1100 mem.test clocks and passed but while in games bfbc2 or modern warefare 2 using gpu-z,clocks stay at stock speeds 725 & 1000...any ideals
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  1. Try Afterburner and see.
  2. Did you OC both cores and and sets of memory? If not CF could be down clocking to the slowest core and memory settings.
  3. thanks for the replys, i will try afterburner,...just wanted to use ccc to check it out. and i did set both cores, gpu/mem but no luck...i was having some white dots on screen for a few days when playing bfbc2 and used drive sweeper and reinstalled 10.8 again and so far it seem to fix the issue, gonna try msi tonight and post later...
  4. unclefester i also have a gtx 470, is it worth it to install for physics....i have no ideal what it does, will it help for performance in games...?
  5. It will only help in a hand-full of games

    And a couple of benchmarks

    Here are the instructions if you want to give it a try

    PS: I "would not" recommend for anyone to go out and buy a Video Card just for the purpose of running PhysX!!!
  6. ok, i tryd afterburner and it does work...gpu-z shows it does overclock, but crashed after 10-15 min or so....i'm gonna water cool when i get the money/time with a EK-FC5970 - Nickel/Acetal, btw i purchased the gtx470 to use while waiting for my 5970 and i think i'll just keep it as a spare instead of trying the physx...thanks for the links
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