A few 460 questions

first is what has the better cooling system the msi cyclone or the msi hawk.

im guessing the hawk since it overclocks more (not the the 1ghz like advertised) but more than the cyclone.
and if so is it enough to justify the 25 dollar price increase above the cyclone.

how are 460s in sli on triple monitor setups?? overclocked individually there what like 3/4+ of a 480 but can they handle the 5760x1080 res (1920x1080 X 3) wile playing games on high maby not maxed out but at least high and get 45+ fps
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  1. SLIed GTX 460s are on par with an HD5970.
    If you want the best OC and cooling then the Hawk is worth the money but the Cyclone is very good for both as well. It is something you will need to decide for yourself.
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