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today or tomorrow im buying a AMD Phenom X6 3.3GHz

And im wonder about 2 cooling methods Air, or water.

Air, Coolermaster V8
Water, Corsair H70

what would be the one you would choose, what would the benefits of each be? why would one be better then the other.
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  1. what case do u use? i would go with the H70.
  2. I would considor some better air cooling.

    Thermalright Venomous X
    Noctua DH14
    Thermalright Silver Arrow
    Zalman 9900MAX
  3. going to be buy an haf 932
  4. i agree with beanoslim and it depends are you going to overclock ?
  5. If you are going to attempt anything more than moderate overclocks, I'd use aftermarket cooling.

    1. Air Cooling - The top air coolers do a very good job, most "desktop" OC's today are no longer limited by heat but the voltage and other limits of the CPU. I oft find myself with max OC's where the system gets unstable and temps are in the hi 50's low 60's

    2. Mini Kit Water Cooling - The better air coolers will do significanty better than the "faux" water coolers like the H50. Here we see the Megahalems topping the H50 by 5C

    3. Water Cooling - Unlike years back, today I see it basically a marginal gain for a significant increase in time and cost. Not that it's not fun :)

    As for the HAF 932 .... yesterday's case ..... the HAF-X and DF-85 offer significant improvements over the HAF-932
  6. from the reviews, the zalman should be good.
  7. Very nice, glows blue and a free gift. :D
  8. Maybe he doesn't want a hideous looking brick hanging off his motherboard.

    That 9900MAX is no slouch and looks 200, yes 200x better. :D IMO obviously.
  9. Agreed but if something looks nice and is a few degs off the pace...

    Maybe its just me but I just think that Noctua is a seriously rank creation.

    I wasn't knocking your rec, it is one of the best coolers around, if you don't have a side window. :D
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