Wait for x79? Urgent

I think I've made up my mind, to wait for the x79. With 8 dimm slots, I can stack up on 32 gigs of ram for cheap with 4gb dimms. When 8 gig sticks become more realistic and cheap I can max out at 64gigs of ram. (with future processors of course)


1. Will this be compatible with 2600k and bulldozer? or just intel?

2. Will it be versatile in the future for Ivy bridge and the new sandy hex cores from intel?


Note I do audio and video work.
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  1. not sure if it wil support 1155 sockets
    I'm also confused as to if this is will be dual socket/dual cpu?
    Does this mean this board will only support server cpus?
  2. There is a lot of information on this if you look. X79 is a LGA 2011 socket meaning it is compatible with processors utilizing this pin out. the Sandy Bridge E processors will be the only compatible processors when it is released. Ivy bridge is not compatible with LGA 2011/X79. It is compatible with Z68 and P67 but it will launch with some new features on the new board specifically designed for Ivy Bridge. Intel mother boards are not and will not ever be compatible with AMD processors. Bulldozer works with AM3+ motherboards only.
  3. thank you, I think I have great combination of mobo and cpu is you can hit my other thread
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