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for the last couple months i have slowly watched my hard drive space dissappear over 35 gb so far, its always a couple hundred mb/day. i have not been able to find the source of what causing it and its very frustrating, my machine is xp with service pack 2, anyone know where i should be looking?? is it something backing up? how do i find the program to disable if it is??
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  1. is system restore on?
  2. Clear your temporary files and your temporary internet files ie disc cleanup.

    And XP was one of those systems where an occasional disc defrag was required. So if you add and remove lots of files and it has been a looonngggg time since you did one then go ahead and at least have the disc defrag routine do a disc analysis first to see the results that would result from a defrag
  3. Its normal, and it should not be considered a problem unless you are running out of hard disc space, then it becomes a problem.
  4. System restore is off, I've cleared the temp files I've run antivirus and the spa e kept dissapearing. I unplugged the internet for 2 days and the space hasn't changed...could it be a cookie that runs while the computer is operating..I never shut the system down
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