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I use a 50 megs CR2 Raw files to edit on Lightroom. 100 megs TIFF 16 bit. Layering, liquify, clone, stamp, graduated filters, mask. I currently have a i5 720, gigabyte mother board, 6 gigs of OCZ, ati 5750, 550W PSU, win 7 64 bit, 1tb HD and its not fast enough. I have a 30" apple cinema display. Meaning its not slow, but I want speed. I noticed that the processor is not thinking all the time, so maybe fast memory and fast hard drive would make a difference, or maybe not. I know enough to build a computer but not too much to tell what I need.

Approximate Purchase Date: 5-15 days
Budget Range:(e.g.: 600-800)Before / After Rebates. $1599-$1999
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Digital photography, CS5 photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom. Office 2007, internet browsing, quickbooks, hamachi, UltraVNC services running at the same time.
Parts Not Required:Not required mouse, keyboard, monitor and Win 7 64 bit license.
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: prefer
Country of Origin: California, US.
Parts Preferences: I prefer an Intel i7 930-960, a quadro fx 580 video card, ASUS, Gigabyte motherboard, Corsair powersupply.
Overclocking: Yes i will overclock at some point. water or air. i dont know
SLI or Crossfire: No, only 1 video card
Monitor Resolution: Whatever the 30" apple cinema runs.
Additional Comments: I prefer a fancy Lian LI aluminum case. Dont care about power consumption, If its possible to have 2 hard drives and mirror them. And I would like to boot with a small SSD hard drive. Or if you guys recomend 2 SSD then lets do it.
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  1. Also, whats the fastest way to download compact flash and SDHC memory cards to the hard drive?
  2. I just assembled a system very similar to what you want to do.
    The main drive is an Intel 80 Gb SSD that is only half full.
    I relegate data and housekeeping files to a Sata 6.0 hard drive.
    Boot up times and CS5 times are amazing. (Windows 7 Pro 64 bit)
    It's really worthwhile.
    There's not much need for over 6 Gb's of RAM unless you do 'movies'.
    I back up my system and data on a USB 3.0 external HDD plus another internal HDD.
    The motherboard is an ASUS Sabertooth X58.
    Graphics card is an EVGA GTS 450 which gives CS5 help also.
  3. I say 6GB is definitely not enough for anything beyond basic photoshop work.
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