Please check my gpu temperature.

I buy my computer 4 days ago. My computer have
athlon 435x3
palit gts 250 512 mb
2gb ddr3 corsair 1333mhz
600 watt sli smps
when i open my pc(room temp 30c) it shows temperature 30c and my gpu 33c then i run my computer 10 min without any load then my cpu became 35c and gpu 50c. After that i play assassin creed 2 without oc for 2 hour and then my cpu get 53c and gpu hit 78c. is it natural?
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    Ur question has already been answer in ur last thread in cpu section.Donot double post u could be banned.

    hey hey i just confused about it. And your answer in previous thread was not clear to me. Today i track my temperature with gpu-z so i post it confirm. After all thank you.
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