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Where did Zosma go?

I was looking at a roadmap of AMD releases past and future. I noticed a new Phenom II X4 core called "Zosma" that was supposed to be release in 2010. It looked like Thuban with 2 cores disabled. I Googled a bit and found some talk about it but nowhere can I find it released or available. The first released part was going to be the 960T.

Anyone know what happened to "Zosma"? All I still see is Deneb.

Feel free to point me to another thread, article, resource, etc.

Just curious. Thanks.
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    AMD sent out an e-mail today letting the press know that we shouldn't expect to see any retail Phenom II X4 960T Thuban quad-core processors being sold individually on the retail market. These were very interested parts as the engineering samples that were available could be unlocked to become six-core processors. If we had to guess these processors will be available only in OEM systems on motherboards that don't have core unlocking technology in the BIOS. This is a big let down as it could have easily been the best price versus performance processor on the market for AMD. I wonder what AMD will be doing with all the fall out from the Thuban six-core processors now or if the OEM market will scoop them all up? from
    it dosent seem the process went well in beta
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