New build, have EVGA x58 MB

Hey guys, I have an EVGA x58 mobo, and hopefully getting an I7 later this week. I have $1000 budget not including the Mobo.

I need some help on a PSU/ Graphics card. I play World of Warcraft, and not many other games. I would like to get a high end card though. Nothing more then $200 please. Then I would like to get a PSU. 750W+ also.

If y'all could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated.

-God Bless
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  1. HD 6850, 4 GB of RAM (6 will be more than you need, and your use won't benefit from tri-channel) you'll want a 950 CPU, unless you can get a deal (microcenter or cyber monday) on a 930/920.

    750W PSU will be way more than you'll need, and will increase your case heat since it will run less efficiently at low load. Look for a 500W. Anything by seasonic, or corsair comes highly reccomended.

    That leaves a little over $500 for a nice 24 inch monitor, a copy of Win 7, and any periphreals you want. If you already have periphreals and monitors, just hold on to the rest of the cash, you won't see much benefit for getting a beter build at this point.
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