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Running HD 4670 Fanless

Well, it finally happened, the fan on my HD 4670 went bad (it cycles up, makes a loud noise, then cycles down. This repeats every few seconds). I will order a 5770 on the net, but it could take 1-2 weeks to get here. I have unplugged the fan because it is annoying as hell.

My question is, as long as I lay off the games, should it be ok to run my computer for 1-2 weeks with the fan unplugged? It has a heatsink, I just don't know if that will be enough.

After having the fan unplugged for 10 minutes, the card got pretty hot, and my mouse started stuttering a bit. I suspect that is a bad sign. Any thoughts?
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  1. It needs the fan for cooling. You could always zip-tie a small case fan to it to get by.
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    i had that problem with my Nvidia 9400.and yes the mouse stutering is it overheating. until i got my 5770 i just did what he said. and stuck a case fan on top of it. it kept it pretty well under control and depending on what your case cooling is like and what fan your cooling it with you can still do a little gaming
  3. Use CCC to monitor the temps .

    if you stick to 2d it may be fine , if not it dies but what do you care?
    Can you arrange a case fan to blow directly at the card?
  4. If you do not play games, then you can get by without the fan.

    Video cards have different power consumption in different modes.

    Idle - uses the least power
    2D (like video) - uses some more power
    Gaming - uses the most power

    If you have a spare fan you can always tie it to the card and monitor the temp while gaming to see if it gets too high for your taste.
  5. or you can open the side panel of your case, it should help to cooling down your components...

    never ever buy fanless card, it can get hot easily..
  6. wa1 said:

    never ever buy fanless card, it can get hot easily..

    The OP stated the fan died.

    I got a passively cooled 9600GT in my HTPC. It came with an Arctic Cooling S2 heatsink. Played some games with it; no issues with it.
  7. Thanks for the correction, jaguarskx... :)
  8. yah just stick a case fan on it or keep the side open and keep it well ventilated.
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys. I just left the computer off for 2 days and ordered a new card. I installed it and so far it's working great!
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