1st build step by step help

is there a site that has a very detailed guide on how to make a computer from scratch
i know the basics but need help with a few things and would be great to have a site i can follow with everything.
i have looked around and cant find anything with enough detail
this is my 1st build but am not clueless about computers
if anyone can help then thanks
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  1. Post your wants in the home built section in the format provided near the top. People will help you deciding what parts you need for what you want to do and your budget. When you decide on parts, post the final build, and ask people to check for compatability. Order the parts (from newegg if you live in the US). Your MOBO manual will have instructions on putting everything together. If you can put together lego's, you can build a computer. If you have any questions at any time, post again with that question.
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