Dual Hard Diss on Sony Vaio


Video on motherboard failed. I took out the two Fujitsu MHY-2200BH SATA hard drives and placed one in the same type Sony Vaio as well as Macbook and neither will recognize. windows visa disk management sees it, but says i have to initialize. Not helpful, since i cannot wipe out wife's data. Want to set up as a USB drive to a new computer.
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  1. It may be just the Partition Table needs rebuilding. Without that table (or a damaged table), Windows thinks there are no partitions on it when there clearly is. Repairing the Partition Table will not destroy or wipe the data on the drive.

    The trial version of the wizard-driven DiskInternals Partition Recovery can repair the Partition Table: http://www.diskinternals.com/partition-recovery/
  2. I will try your suggestion in a few days.

  3. I will be doing that later this week and will let you know. Have been out of town.
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