Will This work with Free Nas

This is my first ever computer build and Im wondering if everything will be compatible. Especially the drivers.

Outer Fan:
Hard Drive *2:
Power Supply:
Nic Card:
Cf Reader:

Also Could someone point me to like a Cf card reader combo that i can use to boot off of. I found one but will I be able to boot an OS from it with my Motherboard.

Im going to run Free Nas RAID 1 Mirrored.

Can you help me and make sure this is everything I need and if there are any areas to trim down.

Also Since im using a Micro ATX Board Will I be able to use both Pci slots in the full case or do I need to upgrade the Board.

Please and Thanks.
~Wesley K.
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    Your motherboard link is broken, but I doubt you need a NIC, motherboards tend to include these.

    Also, you would be buying a system that has been EOL for over a year. I would strongly suggest you look at AM3's and low power Athlon II X2 chips. It should cost about the same. Otherwise ask around about a dual core atom chipset/mobo combo. That would be cheaper, and I think it would be enough. Take a look:

    460W PSU is more than you need. You could go under 300W if you wanted (brand name) You shouldn't need an extra fan if you go with a low watt cpu.
  2. Heres the good Motherboard Link.

    Define EOl though. Il look into the comboset right now.

    Also I need the Nic card since my whole network is Gigabit backbone. I only have 1 10/100 switch on it and it acts like a coupler.

    I have to have the second PCI Slot for my sata controller unless the Motherboard supports hardware RAID 1
  3. EOL ("End Of Life")means not produced/supported any more. It may be harder to find drivers for these devices, especially as time goes on. Both the AMD and intel boards you linked are EOL.

    I think the card reader would be bootable, since it's usb, but I'm not positive.

    I woudn't buy a motherboard without gigabit lan and sata ports, if you want those. Many low cost solutions contain both (including the atom I linked) It gets to be expensive, and prematurely fills your pci slots.

    This will save money, which you can use on a brand name PSU or upgrading your disk drives to:

    I don;t think newegg charges tax to non-CA residents.
  4. The Hard Drives are about the same but they have double the cache. I might upgrade to the Western Digital one.

    The Motherboard does have several Sata ports. Im buying the card so I can have hardware RAID support and not software.

    If the mobo is out of life can you help me find one that is in life preferably somewhat cheap, since the hard drives have killed my budget.

    I was judging tax if it was possible.
  5. Omg how many usb ports are on that thing.

    Also would the 450 Watt power supply be good now.

    Also what are your opinions on Hardware RAID to Software RAID, It looks like this motherboard can do raid automaticly via hardware, Am I right on this?

    With the hardware I could pop in a new drive and it would automatically copy all the data right.

    I might have goofed up not sure. I went ahead and bought all the parts though and noticed my psu is 20+4 pins and my motherboard is 24 pin. Will it work or Will I have to buy an ATX power supply now.

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