Can Someone PLEASE Save My Day!??

Im So close to getting my GPU up and running, BUT Im installing an arctic cooling accelero xtreme. But now I can not connect the cooler onto my GPU card because My Heatsink that I installed on my GPU RAM is hitting the bracket on the cooler, so the screw holes cant align up. I applied the heat sink with Thermal adhesive Glue that it came with. And so in other words, the heatsinks are to close to the gpu chip, and need to be father towards the edge of the card. So is it okay to pull it off and re apply pushing them farther back, or will that damage the RAM? What should I do?


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  1. You've already removed the main heatsink, so removing the ram heatsink shouldn't be much harder. Don't know how this will effect temps; you'll just have to try it. Save all the original heatsinks for warranty in case you need to use it.
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