Sandy Bridge in a nutshell?

I'm no longer a computer geek and am WAY out of the loop on technical aspects of PC buying (current system is from '03) so can someone verify a few things for me? It is my understanding that there is really only two motherboards people are mentioning with regards to sandy bridge. Either the H67 or P67.

From what I gather:

H67 allows you to use the quick sync / on die video and P67 does not.
P67 allows over clocking, sli/crossfire.

Umm I want all of these things.

I ultimately want to use the on die video as long as possible till say diablo III (or something i like) comes out then buy a video card as an upgrade to my system.

I want an OC'd processor, that uses quick sync to rip video's to my phone but also want to be able to upgrade to videocard/sli a year or two down the road.

I guess I have to go with the P67 and just not use quick sync? It seemed so more efficient for ripping vids. There has gotta be a board out there that lets us do everything? Nothing in the works? My PC is currently going out so I need to decide in the next day or so.
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  1. Since you have a deadline, just buy a K-type unlocked processor and put it in an H67 board. Overclock the GPU portion to get semi-decent gaming performance and do all of your ripping, and wait until Z67 so you can overclock both the GPU and CPU parts.
  2. It's useless to have a K type CPU on the H67 board. While K CPUs have unlocked multipliers for overclocking the H67 will not allow you to overclock it thus defeating the point of having a K series CPU. Of course, the onboard graphics of the K series CPU are superior to their non K versions.

    If you want Sandy Bridge go with a P67 setup and get a cheap 5570 to hold you over.
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