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Sorry if I placed this in the wrong forum, it's kind of an odd question that I didn't know where to place in the Forums. Hopefully someone can answer it for me. Please, no flaming, I'm being serious. So, right now I have a laptop, it's a good laptop, I'm just not a laptop guy. I've always favored desktops. I'm about to move into a house close to my new job and so now I'm wanting to replace my laptop with a (hopefully) self-built desktop.

Problem is, I don't have the money to just drop on a new computer. Though I'm not wanting to purchase a pre-built one through some corporation financing plan. So here's my question, does anyone know of any way I can purchase a self-built desktop via financing without having to go to my bank? I know there is BillMeLater, but I've heard a lot of bad things and I don't know if they would work a deal with me. Any helpful information would be appreciated.
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  1. I think newegg has a credit card or credit line you can apply for.
  2. Depending on your laptop, you might be able to just get a docking station and a monitor, keyboard and mouse, if it does what you want it to do.
  3. Good idea etk. Another thing you can do is slowly buy the parts. RAM one month, CPU the next. The big problem you'll have is if something disappears before you complete your build. I'd start with things you can use in any build now, and then get the CPU, board, and GPU last. It will take awhile, but its a bit like self financing.
  4. "No dude, I'm being serious! Don't flame!" I just thought that was funny haha. We at tom's are always serious.

    Best bet is to borrow money from family, no 1k is not much at all (it doesn't have to all be from one person, suck up your pride). Pay them off as you have the money. You are starting to work on your own aren't you? This is if you need the desktop right away. Other than that there is no way you can build your PC on a payment plan other than as 4745454b mentioned or to just save enough to buy it all at once.

    If you have a decent laptop and can sell it for ~400 or more you can have a decent budget PC.

    Your other option will be to build a "custom" PC from one of the manufacturers like dell or HP. Although I, and other toms, would not recommend this path, but those companies do let you do monthly payment options. With interest, the PC will end up costing more than it's worth and will be obsolete by the time you pay it off.
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