Can You ReUse Thermal Paste?

Okay Thats not what I mean, like I literally just placed my GPU card on the a VGA cooler with pre applied thermal paste, but the I wasnt able to get the screw holes to lign up so i took it off real quick to fix the heatsinks that are off a little bit. Can I place it back on even though there is now thermal paste on the gpu card ?

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    Its fine. You don't have to replace it. Still having issues?

    YES YES YES YES YES your online, i need your help bro, your my savor. So I went to apply the card onto the VGA cooler, and the screws wont line up so i cant, because I installed the heat sinks on the RAM to close to the GPU chip, so its hitting the bracket, heres a photo example:

    So basically I have to now Take off those heatsinks and re apply them farther away, can this be done without breaking the ram chip?

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    Yeah just take off the ram chips that have a clearance issue, install the cooler and reapply them. Should just come right off

    okay, everyone has been tellin me they are goonna snap and that adhesive is almost permanent, ill try it though lol
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    If all else fails just wiggle them and try to slide them upwards

    okay it came right off easy, im assuming i can not re use the adhesive on it? have to wipe it all off
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    On the PCB? Wipe it off. Didn't you clean off the thermal paste earlier?

    Anyways its not glue its adhesive so it does not set and harden like glue

    yap, but oh are you talking about the ram? Ya it cam right off, now i have to re apply it, it was no big deal. in the 5 other sections i posted the question, everyone told me i would break my ram chip
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    no I meant did you get thermal on the PCB?

    oh no, the pcb is all good, its just the gpu chip metal part thats all. but its all good
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    You bought the ram kit separate if I can recall?

    Yap, but its from the same company specifcally for this vga cooler
  7. lol, it looks like I didnt have enough adhesive on anyways
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    You bought the ram kit separate if I can recall?

    Check out my baby! I have not hooked it up yet, as it is 2:30AM, gonna do it in the morning, which is probably when your reading this.

    Thanks to you and Dadiggle!
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    If all else fails just wiggle them and try to slide them upwards

    Okay, So I hooked it up and its working, but, the temps are not anything better, in fact they are hotter. Heres the original before temps with stock cooling:

    And heres the new temps with the Arctic cooler:

    Now the thing is, there are two different Temperatures listed in the video, which one do i go off of?
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    The temps in the video weren't of the video card. Here download afterburner to check temps

    Okay ill download it right now, but real quick: heres using the same software , And it is 2 degrees cooler, but thats not like much at all. I did noticed though it says only 800RPM, while the image of the stock cooling pics is 1100RPM maby thats why?

    If that is why, IF, can i manually increase the fan speed with software?
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    Yeah you can manually change the fan with afterburner. See what you get if you crank her up to 60% fan.

    where do i download afterburner? i dont have an msi motherboard
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    Right here and it's just made by MSI.. it works for every card

    Dude, your the man, Its up and running, so at the same speed as stock cooling which is 1100RPM in that screen shot, its 30 degrees, which is 4 less. At 65% fan speed (1400RPM) it is 27 degrees! thats a 7 degree drop!
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    Download Furmark and see how high temps go

    when i run those test should i leave the fan speed on auto or manual at 65%?
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    Either or. I'd run it at 65% and then ramp it up to 100% just for fun

    Thats crazy, furmark can destroy GPU's! Ill do a quick test with furmark but nothing major lol
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    I didn't mean leave it on for an hour haha. Do a 5 minute test to see how well the new cooler cools.

    It hit 62 Degrees in the extreme burning test with furmark, that scared me. I ended it early, lol. Byt the way, its making a high bitch buzzing noise, the gpu or the gpu cooler, not sure which, dont know if its the fans, the power cord, maby the M/B
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    62C is fine and the buzzing is probably capacitor whine. Nothing to worry about.

    huh? Capacitor whine? WTF is that?

    By the way, do you have a paypal account?
  17. The reason Why I was asking if you have a paypal account is i was gonna send you some money for all the help.
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    Ohh don't sweat it bro. Thats what i'm here for.

    hmmm, well. Its not much, but I figure its the thought that counts, so i was gonna send you $10 via paypal, as i could not have done it without your help....but the offer still stands!
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    If i ever need the ten bucks i'll look you up haha :)

    haha, okay
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