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Sir I am using AMD 7750+Gigabye 780G with 4gb RAM (2+2) . From the past 2 year I am facing a serious problem that when I use my PC within 5-10 minutes it gets reboot and shows blue screen error or main BIOS checksum error or any error and gets reboot frequently.. I have got repaired my motherboard,hard disk and RAM for about 4 times from the company but nothing has been solved. PLS HELP ME OUT FROM THIS ERROR PLEASE!!!!!!
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  1. Dear friend,
    your AMD 7750 is a dual core, processor.The basic problem is arrised duo to your in compatibility of your motherboard.Try to get a new motherboard--GIGABYTE -GA-MA790GP-DS4H Model.And another most important thing that Memory speed 1066 MHz. if y find any difficulties,then mail --
  2. i hav an intel pentium 4 processor wid DDR 2 memory..i wanted to upgrade it to core2duo..but i juz wanted to buy the core2duo that possible??or do i hav to buy a new motherboard too???will it work on a DDR 2 memory motherboard??
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