What psu should i get for this video card???

i am getting this card soon i hope

and i want a 550 wat psu form that same website pls
help wood b really appreciated TY :))
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  1. Seeing as there's a maple leaf on the logo, i'm assuming your from Canada? Go to NCIX or Newegg Canada (NCIX is better though, Newegg Canada can get a bit annoying [not from personal experience, but i still trust newegg more]) From newegg or NCIX I'd choose the XFX 650 XXX series, or the Cooler Master Silent Pro 550watt( heard good things about this as a budget PSU as well as quiet, i have 700w version and its fantastic.
    But umm if I had to choose from that site, The Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w would be nice but overkill for that card, like Ct a 500-600 is sufficient. The enermax Rolli suggested and the 650GX 80+ cert is probably the best on that site for your card.
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