please let me know about good processor for building a cpu for gaming which can play modern games

need to build new cpu so let first start with processor
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  1. That all depends on your budget. The new Intel Sandy Bridge chips are king of performance, but AMD still takes the value crown.

    Give us an amount to work with, and we'll suggest an overall build for you.
  2. for processor $200 to $350
  3. Intel i5-2500. Right at the low end of your price range, and very nearly at the top of the performance charts for gaming and normal multitasking.
  4. what about i7 please sugest
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    For gaming, you don't need the new i7-2600. You would only need that one if you used applications that took advantage of hyperthreading. Games don't do that.

    Get the i5-2500 and use the money saved for a better video card. That will make more difference in gaming performance.
  6. i dont do gaming all time
  7. Even if you do other tasks, the 2500K is still quite quick. Better then the old series i7 chips many of the times. Unless you need SERIOUS number crunching power, the 2500k is the best of the bang for buck CPUs.
  8. the I5-2500k will work well for you for gaming or not gaming.
  9. First, the processor is the CPU. What you want to build is a system.
    Second, do you prefer AMD or Intel, or does it matter?
    A computer system can cost anywhere from around $400 to $4000 and up, so a base budget would be handy.
  10. i got my answer thanks friends.if i got more questions i will contact you
    thanks again
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