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My budget is arnd me find the best configuration

hi evry1
i will buy my computer at arnd august september this year.
my budget is around rs.50k(arnd $1100-$1200 max) including os.
i dnt knw whthr to go 4a branded one or an assembled one though i prefer an assembled one.
my present machine is of hp and is abt 4.5 yrs old.its wrkd gr8 bt i wanna new one.
so i wanna invest in such a manner so that it shldnt require much upgradation in abt 3-4 yrs.
i want a proper for amd and one for intel.
also mention the proper prices of each component.
and also mention if i can get smthin betr if there is a little cost overrun.
as there is still smtym b4 i actually buy it so mentin all the pros and cons of ny product if required.
thanking you all in advance
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  1. Best advice: wait about six months and ask again. By that time, the market will have changed quite a bit.
  2. For gaming? Can you reuse anything from your current PC?
  3. well the best configuration in a bit more than the budget now will be cheaper in 6 mnths.thats d reason i hlp me out with the best config in a bit more than the i can get that in my budget in 6 mnths
  4. well nthin much.actually i will give my old pc to my dad.n get this new for myslf.gaming is a priority along with different graphics wrks n in general i need a very fast pc with optimum performance
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  6. hey mosox u didnt include the monitor nor keyboard nor the os price.and i found out that grpahics card is costing abt 19k but the processor and the mobo dsnt cost dat much.any specific reason for it?????and if the athlon 6 core proc comes at arnd 8.5 then y nt tk that.n wat abt the intel configuration???????
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