Gaming Rig for around $1500

I'm looking to build a gaming rig that will hopefully last quite a while. My intent is to play SC2 @ max some WOW @ max also some Diablo 3 @ max (whenever the hell it comes out) perhaps a FPS here or there close to max not to compromise framerate and that is about it.

So far this is where I am at. I for sure want an ASUS board and Corsair RAM. Also the case is a must and given it comes with a nice PSU I think it's worth the $$$. As far as other things I'm open to debate. I'm up in the air on the 470 gtx or the new 6870 (has newer hdmi spec and a few other +'s but performance wise it isn't there from my findings). So have at it. Newegg is my prefered vendor as well. Side note I'm not including an OS at this point and time so it will be on XP for the time being. Windows 7 Ult is an arm and a leg.

EVGA GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) SuperClocked 012-P3-1472-AR Video Card

COOLER MASTER HAF X RC-942-KKAA00 Black Computer Case w/ 1000W Power Supply

Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor

ASUS Rampage III Extreme ATX Intel Motherboard

SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
69.99 x2

CORSAIR DOMINATOR-GT 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 Desktop Memory with Airflow Fan

ASUS 24X Burner with E-Hammer Software Black SATA Model DRW-24B3LT LightScribe Support
22.99 x2

Grand Total: $1,770.91 w/shipping.
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  1. Unless you plan on SLI'ing another 470, and doing a crazy overclock, you want a lower wattage PSU.
    The combo with the PSU/CASE seems more expensive than buying them seperately.
    Go with 6GB of RAM instead of 8.
    If you prefer nvidia, the 470 will have enough performance, but most people would call the 6870 the better card.
    Unless you want to SLI and do some extreme overclocking, you're over-spending on the motherboard. If you do plan on it, you'll need a cooling solution.
    950 and spinpoint drive are great choices.

    You can easily cut enough cost out of this build to pay for win 7. It'll be worth it.
  2. Well I doubt that I will SLI/XFIRE because by the time I'd upgrade card it'd more than likely be better for me to go with a next gen offering. I may be wrong though but I like having the option to do so.

    I call the 6870 better myself as far as a current card offering and hardware wise as far as HDMI version etc. But I see it's downfall with as usual the craptastic drivers ATI cards have. So that is my major reason for leaning towards NVIDIA right now. But I have no personal brand preferance.

    I guess I can drop it down to 6gb of ram since there really isn't any real gain after that point so that will save a few bucks. Any kits you suggest? The 6gb kit to the 8gb kit costs the same with the dominator gt stuff.

    As far as the motherboard is are there any others you suggest? In regards to OC'ing it's not likely unless it's a couple years down the road and I need to. So I'm open to suggestions on mobo. I just liked all the features and tweaking that can be done on the BIOS. But it is a bit spendy.

    Driver support:
    AMD has really improved their drivers over the last 5 years or so. They're isn't much of a difference anymore, unless you are talking about something like heavan, where NVidia had a 6 month head start. Okay, I've said my bit on drivers. If you feel more comfortable with the 470, you won't be dissapointed. It's a fine card as well, just a couple more db from the fan.
  4. AMD mobo = no bueno... :)
  5. hmm, I hope this doesn't mean I told someone else to buy a X58 board for their 955...
  6. I'm kind of partial to ASUS mobo's, but I seem to see a lot of people complaining about them these days in reviews. Not sure what is going on. I've never had issues with any of their boards. Any other mobo's out there that people would suggest that would be as good or better than the ASUS stuff?
  7. instead of the extreme board maybe go with the formula board or even the sabertooth which is about $180.

    do not go with the 8GB of RAM since you are using the i7-950 which supports triple channel RAM go with a 3 x 2GB set, NE had a set of PNY triple channel ram on cyber monday for $54 after mail in rebate (too bad I missed that deal)

    New video cards are just around the corner well I guess new everything is in the computer industry =)
  8. ^ASUS X58 sabertooth.
    You don't really need any higher than DDR3 1600 RAM get C8 or C7.

    get the Gigabyte Super Overclock gtx 470 - its the fastest factory OC uses less power, is cooler, and quieter. $300.

    Get the Antec DF-85 for $180 and one of there PSU's that only fit 4 cases. $120 for 850W.
    That'd put you at -$300 bucks instead of $400 + you get fan filters on all the fans, a special PSU that scored 10 on, and a better case IMO.

    and yes 6Gb,12GB,24GB are the options. Go with 6GB DDR3 1600 Cas 7.

    I'd also add an OCZ Vertex 2 90GB SSD - $185 and only get 1 Spinpoint.]

    doing all this you'd still be under your original price.
  9. Get a Sabertooth X58 because it's an overall solid board without all the features that only professional record breaker overclockers will use.

    I like the Haf X, if you like it stick with it.. a case is all personal choice so i am not going to recommended any case.

    With the Sabertooth X58 you can run 4 sticks of ram by occupying A2,A1,B1,C1 slots just fine so no worries there. Although I would recommend 6GB in triple-channel mode.

    Don't get a super clocked video card, save your $10 and do it yourself.. with that money you can buy some pancake mix. :)
  10. ^the reason I suggested that gigabyte SOC is not simply for the OC. it runs cooler with the design and is more quiet than the other cards, Considering EVGA gtx 470's run at 93C It seems like a good investment to get down to 86-88C.
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