Can I run 2 RAID arrays at the same time without separate partitions?

I want to get 2 Samsung 840 SSD drives which I would use for my operating system and music,

and I want to get 2 Western Digital Black HDD for other storage of movies, games etc.

I would use RAID 0 for both, would that work? Also my motherboard only has 2 SATA 6gbps ports, is there a RAID controller I could purchase to have 4?
Sorry I'm a rookie, go ahead and call me stupid as long as you tell me why.
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    Each RAID requires its own partition, so you'll have at least 2, 1 for SSD RAID and 1 for HDD RAID.
    You don't need SATA3 bandwidth (6Gbps) for your HDDs so don't bother with separate controller.
  2. With 2 partitions would I still be able to easily access my HDDs? I was under the impression each partition needed its own operating system.
  3. You've been misinformed. It's going to be easily accessible from within 1 OS.
    Here's an example from my PC:
  4. Wow that's a nice setup you've got there, well thank you for your help clearing things up.
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