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DL 585 G2- ok with any single PSU, but both causing havoc.

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January 20, 2011 8:51:24 AM

I have problem with 2nd hand HP 585 G2.
It has 2x 900W hot swap PSU, each one can work in every slot, each one when single does not cause any problem.

When I connect 2 at once, and boot the machine up, it usually goes through POST fine, until booting OS (more power drawn?).
Then both LEDs PS1 and PS2 on diagnostic board start to blink ERRATICALLY. (very much like NIC lights under medium load)
Fans speed-up and slow down, it dies minute or an hour later.

Observation 1: just out of the blue I tried forcing the plug into PS1 - that caused significantly _less_ blinking on that PSU (!!!!)

Been swapping PSU's and cables and wall sockets around, still no joy.
Mains cables are NEW.

My suspicions:
1) it maybe the house wiring has no Protective Ground connected.
2) PSU C19 pins are visibly ok, but bit dimmed, not live coppper.
3) One power cable is faulty and one PSU has intermittent ground?

Please, please throw some hints, as I am running out of ideas here.

a b ) Power supply
January 21, 2011 1:59:05 AM

Hello, and welcome to THG.

It sounds like you have a bad PSU. Could be the reason it is grounding itself. I would go and get a self tester for PSU stations and see what the meter has to say about each box.