2 GTX 460's > 2 5870's

Sad day for Ati fanbois when their solution costs $300 more yet performs slightly worse than an nvidia setup.

Crossfire X fail
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  1. If "Super OC" doesn't mean anything to you then youre bonkers. Its literally comparing dual GTX470s with dual HD5870s. Get 5870 Matrixes and see wha happens then.

    Besides, why are they limited to 3 games and are comparing beta drivers to WHQL ones? I smell fishiness.
  2. Not to mention that they're only showing the 2560x1600 results... A resolution far from typical among most gamers, and even among many true enthusiasts.
  3. Also your clearly an Nvidia fan boy, this has already been a thread posted by another person, it became a flamer thread and was closed, no reason to start it again "boi". Also, HardOCP is one of the most Nvidia biased sites out there to review things, I'd trust em reviewing anything but GPUs.
  4. The article was dated almost a month ago and whilst I would root for the Nvidia solution this thread does come across as one made purely for flamebait reasons.

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